1. Let It Go


<span style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0);"><u>Let It Go</u></span><br />
<span style="font-size: smaller;">(Words by Erin Martin, Music by Erin Martin &amp; Andrew Martin)</span><br />
<br />
Verse 1:<br />
Do you wake up from nights of restless sleep<br />
With sweat, sweat just pouring down your cheek<br />
Are you afraid of what the day might bring<br />
Feeling hopeless and alone<br />
<br />
Verse 2:<br />
Do you fill up your days with busy scenes<br />
Are you missing all that lives and breathes<br />
While you weigh your worth in man-made things<br />
Always afraid of the unknown<br />
<br />
Pre-Chorus:<br />
Where has it gotten you, look around<br />
Your empty soul is crying out to be found<br />
<br />
Chorus:<br />
Let it go and let God in<br />
You keep holding back from Him<br />
He knows better<br />
It's just whether or not you're ready to, you've gotta<br />
Give it up and take a chance<br />
You're already in His hands<br />
He knows better<br />
It's just whether or not you're ready to release<br />
<br />
Verse 3:<br />
Do you spend each day just getting by<br />
Wishing you had control over your life<br />
Are you holding on so tight you can't breathe<br />
Feels like you'll never get relief<br />
<br />
Bridge:<br />
You let all your pain and pride get in the way<br />
And worry and doubt and fear won't hesitate to take you over<br />
Let God relieve the burdens and the weights that hold you down today<br />
There's a better way<br />
<br />
Ending:<br />
Are you ready to live?<br />
<br />
&copy;2008<br />